Visiting Faculty, UCLA Department of Art, Los Angeles, CA
Teach Rise of Modernism in a Global Context (ART 31A), Global Modernism (ART 31B), and Modernism and its Discontents (ART 31C) survey sequence covering art created in the industrial era from 1800-2000 with emphasis on non-western artists and movements. “Looks at how modernist ideas and practices were influenced by industrialization, urbanization, colonialism, world wars, and emancipatory movements.”

Visiting Faculty, UCLA Design Media Arts, Los Angeles, CA
Teach Introduction to Media Arts (DESMA101) addressing technology’s influence on artistic media and aesthetics since 1900. “Survey of media arts, their history, aesthetics, and cultural roles from late-19th century to present. Investigation of media arts within broad historical and cultural framework. Discussion of parallels and links with other cultural forms, including history of technology and various art and design practices.”

Lecturer, USC Roski School of Art, Los Angeles, CA
Teach Critical Studies courses to undergraduate and graduate art students. Courses include:

Critical Theory in Art, Design and Visual Culture (CRIT 160): “An issues-based introduction to critical theory in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, especially as it relates to philosophy, art, design, and visual culture”

Digital Media, Art & Theory (CRIT 455): An investigation into the non-indexical or non-photographic moving image and the expanded field of digital media in the 21st century starting with animation.”

Art and Curatorial Visits (CRIT 512): “Site visits relating to art and curatorial practices, from art museums and artists’ studios to public art offices and performance venues, and meet professionals.”

Visiting Artist and Scholar Seminar (ART 515): “The Visiting Artist and Scholar Seminar is organized as a series of roundtables parallel to the Roski Talks. These two-hour, informal conversations are meant to provide an opportunity for students to delve deeper into the work of the visiting artists, curators, and scholars coming to the Roski School.”

Lecturer, Graduate Public Practice, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA
Teach graduate Public Realm Seminar (LIBS654) on theory and philosophy of public practice including critical race and gender issues, media theory, and art history topics.
“Theory perspectives on working in public, topics in art criticism, interdisciplinary topics regarding art/anthropology, civic policy, urbanism, etc. These are a changing set of topics determined by interest and relevance to their critical repertoire.”

Lecturer, Department of Art & Art History, San José State University, San José, CA
Taught undergraduate seminar The Artist in Culture (Art 002) on artists’ contemporary roles in society and critical discourse.
“Introduces art beginners to roles that artists play in contemporary culture. Critical readings and problem-solving: principles of form and theory and research applied to real-world situations frequently confronted by contemporary artists.”

Lecturer, Department of Art Practice, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
Taught undergraduate course in Global Perspectives in Contemporary Art (Art 119, Summer 2013) emphasizing critical approaches to contemporary art from an international perspective.
“This course is designed to explore a range of contemporary art movements around the globe, through a closer look at their central ideas, artists, and artworks, as well as the preconditions and broader social context in which the work is being produced. Topics covered will range from the emergence of localized avant-garde movements in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America to the implicit globalism of the international biennial circuit.”

Lecturer, Fine Art Department, College of Marin, Kentfield, CA
Taught undergraduate courses:
Contemporary Art History (Art 105): “This course covers recent art, focusing on the art and visual culture of the last thirty years. Emphasis is on new concepts and techniques by a diverse selection of artists. The visual and social issues raised by contemporary art are considered.”

Modern Art History (Art 103): “This class is a survey of art and visual culture from the mid-nineteenth century to the present.”

European Art History (Art 102): “This class surveys the visual creations of a variety of European cultures from medieval times to the mid-nineteenth century. The interactions of cultures and religions are considered in relation to their art.”

History of Art by Women (Art 106): “This class introduces visual work by women of diverse cultures and identities. A variety of media is covered, from historical to contemporary eras.”